Information Systems


Jobs, Careers, and Opportunities in Information Systems (IS)

There are plenty of job opportunities for Information Systems majors. It is a myth that all IT jobs are going overseas. How can jobs that require close interaction with customers, colleagues, or partners be sent overseas? How can hands-on IT tasks that are tightly integrated with existing information systems be sent overseas? They can't!

It is a myth that all IT jobs are being sent overseas.

The jobs related to information systems that are most likely to get outsourced are those that involve little interaction with people or existing systems. 

What exactly is IS?

The phrase "Information Systems" or IS refers to a field of study and also to the systems that professionals build.

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The systems are just tools to create, store, exchange, search, and/or manipulate information. Information systems are everywhere at the BART station, behind the ATM, on the Web, in your online banking, behind your favorite search engine, enabling your social networking site to manage content for millions of users, etc. You likely use information systems every day of your life. Information systems are built using computers (e.g. mobile devices), communications (e.g. Wi-Fi, Internet), software (e.g. instant messaging, browsers, multimedia tools), data (e.g. user profiles), business rules (e.g. how work really gets done inside the organization), and people (e.g. you).


How do I get started in IS at SF State?

You can concentrate in IS. You can declare a minor in IS. Or, you can just take one or two courses in IS. Send an email to with any questions you have. 

Can I just take one IS course without committing to the IS concentration?

Yes, absolutely. Many students recognize the value of knowing more about IS even though they are primarily focused elsewhere. 


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